Hummingbird and Butterfly Garden


Here are some general views of the current collection 2011.

Rudbeckia and Cone Flowers in front.

Rudbeckia and Cone Flowers in front, Mexican Sunflower, Milkweeds, Candy Lilies, Flox.

More of the same.

Scarlet Spires, Agastache Ana, Coneflowers, etc.

Scarlet Spires, Mexican Sunflower, Salvia Black Cherry, Salvia Subrotunda.

Joe Pye Weed, Mexican Sunflower, Salvia Black and Blue, Scarlet Spires, Silene, Swamp Milkweed.

Joe Pye Weed, Rudbeckia, Scarlet Spires, Veronica, Mexican Sunflower, etc.